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The Conspicuous Lessons and Positive Impacts Observed Due to COVID-19 in Indian Economy


  • Somosree Roy Associate Manager, Analytics, Standard Chartered Bank, Kormangala, Bangalore, INDIA



Like every occurring has positive and negative aspects, so is the COVID-19 outbreak. It is true that there are extreme consequences faced by the economies and the people across the world following this crisis, yet there are some lessons to be learnt from it to shield economy from any such disasters in future. Also, there are certain interesting positive outcomes of this crisis in different compasses of the Indian economy. This article aims to provide a holistic view of the ten lessons learnt as well as the positive outcomes of the pandemic in different spheres of the Indian economy. Some of such aspects are economic reforms, the plight of the farmers and migrant workers, measures taken and required for the marginalised sections, digitalisation and ecommerce operations, self-dependence within the economy, the effect on crime rates, consumerism and changes in spending patterns, lifestyle and working patterns, refraining from conspicuous spending, impact on health and healthcare, effect on science, indigenous innovation and research and the effects on environment. All these positive impacts of COVID-19 on the India will be highlighted in the article individually in separate sections.


Coronavirus, impact on Indian economy and environment, statistical analysis


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