• Call for Papers: Publish Your Research on AIJR Preprints


    Share your groundbreaking research on AIJR Preprints—the ultimate platform for rapid, open-access dissemination. Reach a global audience, receive real-time feedback, and accelerate the impact of your work. Our commitment to quality ensures your research shines while fostering collaboration and innovation. Join our thriving community of researchers who believe in open science. Don't wait for lengthy peer review processes; share your findings today on AIJR Preprints and be a part of the scientific revolution.

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  • Call for Working Papers


    We invite academic and industrial researchers to post their working papers on current ongoing research in all fields to the working paper section of AIJR Preprints. All papers will undergo a formal screening which may take up to 2 working days. The paper will get considered if it is properly written & deals with focused research. We will communicate with you to revise and edit the paper as necessary.

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  • Call for Papers on Coronavirus; COVID19


    We invite authors to publish their early research papers on coronavirus in AIJR preprints for wide access and further enhancement in the research. With many cases of Coronavirus disease in China and outside including Europe and Asia without any success in its cure, there is a serious global concern whether this can be stopped at all. This emerging infectious disease has significant implications for clinical and public health medical directors and their laboratories. While waiting to publish your research work in any peer-reviewed journal, publication of the research outcome on a preprint server will be helpful for providing a direction to other researchers working on coronavirus.

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