Preprint / Version 1

Addressing COVID-19 Immune Storm: A Way Forward


  • Amit S. Lokhande Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Technology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai, India-400019



COVID-19 a global pandemic is a cause for panic due to the increasing numbers and the associated fatality rate of ~5%. Death due to COVID-19 is ascribed majorly to the cytokine storm a hyper immune reaction that results in acute respiratory distress syndrome. Following the WHO Solidarity initiative, a large number of clinical trials approved at breakneck speed across the globe. It is encouraging to note that almost all trials are addressing both antiviral effect and lung protection. Clinical trials with a focus on decreasing mortality indeed harbinger a positive trend, as the world waits expectantly for a solution to this dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.


Clinical trials, COVID-19, Cytokine storm, Immunomodulation, SARS-CoV-2


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