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A Study of the Results of Coronavirus (COVID-19) on the Nigerian Maritime Workers


  • U. J. Okeleke Department of Maritime Transport Studies, Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria



Findings have shown that the recent lockdown of the economy and restriction of movements in Nigeria, due to Corona virus (COVID-19) pandemic, seriously affected the Nigerian shipping, Aviation industries, Land transport sector, Financial, Health and Educational sectors. Import and export operations were hampered. The Nigerian maritime workers; mariners and seafarers were mentally and psychologically disturbed. Some were stranded in their various workplaces; aboard ships, platform rigs and stayed beyond their agreed contractual terms. They, therefore, lack social support from their family members and friends. Similarly, they had little or no support from their management, who were more concerned about contract execution than the welfare of their work force.  This paper, however, is supporting the recommendation that the living and working conditions of the Nigerian Maritime workers and seafarers stranded and those whose salary and promotion arrears have not been paid during this pandemic should be given utmost attention. This should include applying pragmatic approach on the facilitation of sea workers’ health insurance schemes and incentives.


COVID-19, Seafarer, Pandemic


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