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Economic Valuation of Small Scale Water Management Intervention in Barind Area, Bangladesh


  • Md. Suman Miah DASCOH Foundation
  • Israt Zahan Environment and Social Development Organization-ESDO


An Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) project is being implemented by DASCOH in the north-western part called Barind tract in Bangladesh. The primary goal of the project is to help local government institutions to contribute to the increasing availability of water for disadvantaged people in the Barind area through sustainable, effective, and inclusive management and usage of water resources. This study is designed under the scope of this project and cross-checks the achieved objectives in terms of how much benefit the project drips down to the targeted population. For all of the interventions implemented by the project, health and household labor cost reduction is found to be very significant. However, some interventions have a skewed impact on some particular parameters while others have a partial impact.


Economic Valuation, Cost Benefit Analysis, Water Management


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