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Analytical Investigation of the Vibrational and Dynamic Response of Nano-Composite Cylindrical Shell Under Thermal Shock and Mild Heat Field by DQM Method


  • Amin Moslemi Petrudi Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran University
  • Masoud Rahmani Department of Mechanical Engineering, Tehran University


In this paper, the vibrations and dynamic response of an orthotropic thin-walled composite cylindrical shell with epoxy graphite layers reinforced with carbon nanotubes under heat shock and heat field loading are investigated. the carbon nanotubes were uniformly distributed along the thickness of the composite layer. The problem is that at first there is a temperature change due to the thermal field in the cylinder and the cylinder is coincident with the thermal field, then the surface temperature of the cylinder rises abruptly. Partial derivative equations of motion are coupled to heat equations. The differential quadrature method (DQM) is used to solve the equations. In this study, the effects of length, temperature, thickness and radius parameters on the natural frequencies and mid-layer displacement are investigated. The results show that increasing the outside temperature reduces the natural frequency and increases the displacement of the system. Radial displacement results were also compared with previous studies and were found to be in good agreement with previous literature. Increasing the percentage of carbon nanotubes also increased the natural frequency of the system and decreased the mobility of the middle layer.


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2020-01-31 — Updated on 2020-03-26