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Critical COVID-19 Pneumonia with Acute Respiratory Failure in a Healthy 12-year-old Girl


  • Karolina Dolezalova Department of Pediatrics, Thomayer University Hospital
  • Cabelova Tamara Department of Paediatrics, Thomayer University Hospital
  • Tomas Hecht Department of Paediatrics, Thomayer University Hospital
  • Pavel Heinige Clinic of Paediatric Surgery and Traumatology, Thomayer University Hospital



We present an otherwise healthy, fully immunized 12-year-old girl who was transferred intubated and ventilated to our Paediatric Intensive Care Unit with fever, cough, and acute respiratory failure. The epidemiologic history was positive for COVID-19, and, furthermore, she tested PCR positive resulting from a nasopharyngeal swab. CT of the thorax revealed bilateral consolidation with the tree-in-bud signs. Her condition required artificial ventilation support for 13 days. Remdesivir, pronation, high dose Ascorbic acid with Thiamine, and combined antimicrobial therapy were successfully used. Our patient made a full clinical recovery. The case demonstrates that even though critical course of COVID-19 infection in children is scarce, it might occur. We hereby would like to share our experience with the medical community.


COVID-19, Pneumonia, Acute Respiratory Failure, Artificial Ventilation


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