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Hierarchical Identity-based Broadcast Cryptography and its Application in Blockchain


  • Chenchen Han Advanced Machinery Research Institute, Xinghua Hongwei Fluid Equipment Factory, School of Intelligent Engineering, Taishan Institute of Technology



Blockchain as an emerging cryptographic database technology has gained wide attention in many directions. Among them, data security is one of the hot spots of research in blockchain. In this paper, we first analyze the security problems of blockchain and then propose to solve them with hierarchical identity-based broadcast encryption (HIBBE). HIBBE, as a variant of hierarchical identity-based cryptography, can effectively improve the data security. HIBBE has all the characteristics of hierarchical identity-based cryptography, so it has potential in decentralized application scenarios. Then we made an overview of the several existing HIBBE scheme. This paper also gives a formal definition of HIBBE and concludes with the research direction of HIBBE-based blockchain.


Blockchain Technology, Hierarchical Identity-based Broadcast Encryption, Database


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