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How well are we giving driving advice to glaucoma patients?


  • Yap Ngee Jin NHS Tayside
  • Nathan Ng NHS Lothian




Glaucoma is one of the most common ophthalmic conditions encountered in primary and secondary care. Glaucoma has the potential to impair driving. This audit aims to investigate how well we are giving driving advice to Glaucoma patients in the setting of the United Kingdom (UK).


Two junior doctors interviewed all glaucoma patients who attended glaucoma clinic in 4-week period on whether they had received advice regarding driving. Patients who never drove and did not respond were excluded from the analysis


Of the 110 patients, we found that only 29% of patients recalled receiving any driving advice from their ophthalmologist of optometrist. A significant number of patients (33%) wanted more information.


Driving advice is poorly delivered to patients with Glaucoma. Simple interventions can potentially increase delivery of advice to patients.


Driving Advice, Glaucoma Patient


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