Preprint / Version 1

A Survey on Concepts, Frameworks, and Key Technologies for IoT-enabled Smart Cities


  • Farhana Kabir Computer Science and Technology, Southwest Petroleum University, China



Smart cities have progressed substantially in recent years, by dramatically increasing their potential. In fact, rapid innovations in the Internet of Things (IoT) have opened up new possibilities, serving as a collection of essential technological solutions for smart cities and allowing the creation and automation of innovative features and advanced applications for numerous local stakeholders. The focus of this research is to highlight the main trends and open issues of implementing IoT technologies for the development of effective and resilient smart cities by reviewing the research literatures on IoT-enabled smart cities. This paper begins with a survey of the key technologies proposed in the literature for the implementation of IoT frameworks, followed by a review of the main smart city approaches and frameworks, based on an eight-domain classification that expands on the traditional six-domain classification used in most related works.


smart cities, internet of things , Big data


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