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Replacing Mineral Oil with Vegetable Oil to Improve the Transformer’s Performance


  • Jivan K Shewale Electrical Engineering, Sandip foundation’s SIEM Nashik, Savitribai phule Pune University
  • Rohit S Warke Electrical Engineering, Sandip foundation’s SIEM Nashik, Savitribai phule Pune University



In this paper, the replacement of mineral oil by vegetable oil for better performance of transformer was studied. This paper reveals benefits of vegetable oil over mineral oil based on their electrical characteristic, expectation, requirement , suitability, aging, environmental impact, safety, evaluation and dielectric properties of vegetable oil. Mineral oil was traditionally used to provide isolation, but vegetable oil has become increasingly popular in the last few years, and it is presently used in the range of small- to medium-size transformers. The application of transformer is expressly accreted. The competent electric transformer division in recent years has normally been immersed in mineral oil that acts as a medium insulating the energy supply of electric equipment. This paper provides information on the key environmental and fire resistance properties and associated values for natural vegetable oil transformers. Transformers filled with such fluids are generated in general. This work motivates the transformer performance to be determined by using natural dielectric vegetable fluid in comparison with ideal mineral oil. In also to estimate the degradation of both the oils the dissolved gas analysis is carried out. However, the dielectric dissipation factor of the mineral oil was about 77 times lower than that of natural oil [1]. The application of these liquids in transformers guarantees better life span. In transformer applications, vegetable isolating oils are now commercially available as replacements for mineral- based oils. In future, the vegetable oil will be the best replacement for mineral oil.


Vegetable oil, mineral oil, Natural Easter, Transformer performance, isolating oils


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