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Python Based User Interactive Voice Bot


  • Akshay Khare Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune



In this paper, a python-based voice bot is proposed which is able to give answers to any question of the user and it should be able to follow commands of the user. AI is the main area of creating intelligent machines, particularly computer programs. It is related to the well-known task of employing computers to comprehend human intelligence. This paper provides an outline of the concept of a personal assistant for Windows-based platforms. The system is inspired by virtual assistants such as Siri for iOS and Cortana for Windows. It has been intended for performing a variety of operations by utilizing well-defined commands. This work focuses on assisting end-users with day-to-day activities such as searching questions on Google, general conversation with the user, searching for YouTube or other websites, automatic keyboard and mouse handling, sending mail, mathematical calculations, opening applications and files on the PC, clicking photos, and many more tasks. Machine learning is used to assess user statements/commands to provide the best solution.


speech recognition, Sqlite3 database, Python


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