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Unani-The Science of Holistic Healing


  • Yasir Khan New Delhi Clinic



Unani medicine is a conventional medical system practised in South Asia. Hippocrates and Galen, two ancient Greek physicians, are credited with developing the principles of unani medicine. According to unani medicine, six physical or external elements known as asbab-e-sittah-zarooriah are crucial for developing a synchronised biological rhythm and, consequently, leading a healthy life. Al-umoor al-tabiyah, the seven fundamental physiological principles of Unani philosophy, are said to be harmoniously arranged and are thought to promote human health. Arkan, or elements, Mizaj, or temperament, akhlat, or body humours, Aaza, or organs and systems, Arwah, or vital spirit, Quwa, or abilities or powers, and Afaal, or functions are some of these principles. These seven organic elements interact with one another to keep the human body's basic constitution in balance. This paper discusses the important principles and holistic nature of Unani medicine.


Unani Medicine, holistic, asbab-e-sitta zaruriyah


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