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Protecting Patients from Viral Respiratory Infections

Correspondence Regarding Klompas et al., NEJM June 14, 2023




Correspondence regarding Klompas et al, in NEJM June 14, 2023; titled ''Strategic Masking to Protect Patients from All Respiratory Viral Infections'', a plea for structured use of masks to protect against future CoV2 and other types of viral infections in a hospital setting. We do not disagree with this, but we think that instead of a passive mask barrier, another active way can also achieve this goal, but more broadly.

-The other respiratory viruses that Dr Klampos mentions are almost all of the 'single RNA enveloped' type. This is precisely the starting point of the proposed treatment method with an H2S donor, this has already been described by Dr Casola's group in some top journals (references 5,6,7).

-In addition, NAC (very safe, known for a long time, cheap and available everywhere) has also been designated as an H2S donor. This makes global application possible, especially in low-income countries. [ref 12-18]. NAC effervescent tablets are cheaper than a medically suitable mask. This also invites to include NAC as a comparator in future RC trials.

-This H2S supplementation for the restoration of innate immunity can be applied at different scales (cohorts): e.g. community, hospital, wards, barracks, cruise ships, prison, etc. Then staff and Clients/Patients can be treated combined in such a cohort.


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